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Jewelry Repair & Restoration

Over time, jewelry can become worn or damaged, or just lack its original shine or sparkle. It may be necessary to have an expert inspect, repair and clean your jewelry to have it secure and back to sparkling perfection.


At Pangea your repairs and alterations are entrusted into the care of only the finest jewelers. If you wish to repair or restore a piece please call our store at 201-445-4199. At Pangea, you are in good hands. 


- Re-cutting/polishing Diamonds and Gemstones

- Prong Re-tipping & Stone Re-setting

- Polishing & Re-finishing

- Tightening loose stones

- Replacing lost stones

- Rhodium plating

- Ring Resizing



We can bring worn jewelry back to its original shine or work with you to give your piece a brand new look tailored to your taste.

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